With roots in 1999 as a small online platform to sell and distribute corporate or promotional items to clients across Africa and South Africa, GiftWrap has undergone many changes. When it started it was part of the first online giants such as iCan, BlueBean, and even internet service provider giant world online.

Through these online platforms the company provided clients with small amounts of specialized products, soon it grew to have one of the first online quoting systems and the first WhatsApp quoting system in Africa. With this GiftWrap grew beyond what its founder could ever expect and moved to provide larger corporate clients with large amounts of promotional and corporate gifting.

This has been completed by using the unique online quoting system that GiftWrap uses to send custom quotes to its clients. Over the years this quoting system has been refined to work perfectly for large corporate clients. However, it limits what can be delivered to smaller clients that are only seeking to buy one or two items.

GiftWrap started as a small company that delivered one or two items to clients across the country, it is that we are returning to our roots that we have built the GiftWrap Shop eCommerce website.

Online Platforms

The GiftWrap website has been the perfect online portal for larger clients looking to buy promotional items or corporate gifts in bulk. However, we have recently started talking with our clients and learned that smaller orders are required, with some of the most satisfied clients starting in informal settlements. Providing smaller quantities and niche items to help start smaller businesses.

As the online world has changed so too will GiftWrap, our main website limits our clients to what they can buy in terms of quantities. To overcome this the GiftWrap team has added the new GiftWrap Shop marketplace. This allows us to list smaller quantities of products that our clients can easily choose from, supporting young entrepreneurs in areas that would normally not be able to get access to affordable products.

To expand our reach further we have implemented social media campaigns, connecting us with old and new clients. This lets us receive direct feedback from our clients, where we can sort out any confusion and resolve challenges with ease. Using social media to its full strength has allowed us to be in contact with our clients on a much more personal level as well.

Unlike other systems where contact with a human can be almost impossible, GiftWrap has direct lines that connect our clients to our consultants. This means that you can easily track an order through WhatsApp, calling indirectly, or requesting a tracking number when a delivery is being made through couriers.

For more on the full capabilities of the GiftWrap Shop website, read our eCommerce About Us.

About The Ecommerce Experience

Large websites have taken over the world as the go-to place to buy products, letting you get what you need where you need to get it without ever having to leave the comfort of your house. Some of the largest businesses in the world have almost no products of their own, which unfortunately means that the after-sales support can be limited.

The GiftWrap Shop experience promises to be different while working with the manufacturers the company has been able to add several products that are unique to it. This means that the company can provide full after-sales support, allowing for returns on products and fixing any issues that may arise.

However, none of this is the focus of the GiftWrap Shop website, unlike other websites that provide large or limited quantities on products the GiftWrap Shop is different. With small or large items that are listed on the website being provided in quantities of 1 to 1000 or more, you can be assured that you will find exactly what you may need.

Being removed from the world of promotional products but still supplying items that would usually be limited, this gives you the chance to purchase items usually limited to batches of 100 or more. The next level of the eCommerce experience involves online payments to be made, either with your credit or debit card, purchasing your desired item is a few clicks away.