Tb Coffee Mug & Coffee Warmer

Colour: green
Size: 20 (W) x 13 (H) x 30(L) cm
R 268.80


Tb Coffee Mug & Coffee Warmer. Features: Gravity sensor switch, when the cup is put on the warmer, it starts straightaway, smart constant temperature, quickly heating at 55 Celsius. Perfect for ceramic milk mugs, coffee mugs, and office cups. Coffee mug made of ceramic, fine enamel, glazed soft and smooth, easy to clean, great for drinking milk, tea, coffee and water. Coffee cup warmer beverage intended to remain at a constant temperature and maintained at this temperature throughout the whole day. Comfortable cup handle, a semi-circular cup handle, classic design, easy to pick up with a comfortable grip. The beverage warmer not only keeps coffee hot, but it is also adds a nice touch to your table. Suitable for keeping coffee, tea, milk, and soup warm and makes your drink or food taste even better. Specifications: Colour: Beautiful Green, Pink, red or white. Material: Ceramic & Glass. Made of high-quality tempered glass. Cup capacity: Approx. 450ml. Boz includes: 1 x Coffee Mug and 1 x Electric Heating Pad.

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