Fleece Unisex Robe

Colour: pink
Size: 30 (H) x 20 (L) x 10 (W) cm
R 252.80


Fleece Unisex Robe. Flannel Bathrobes: Our unisex bathrobes use upgraded thickened flannel, carefully selected with a delicate hand-feel fabric, comfortable and skin-friendly, non-shrinking, breathable and not easy to deform, neatly routed and thickened to keep you warm, very suitable for cold winter weather. Beautiful and practical: This long bathrobe/nightgown is designed with a hood, which is comfortable, warm, loose and cozy, and can lock the warmth of the head and neck. Each long bathrobe has two large pockets for carrying items and can warm your hands. Convenient to wear regardless of your body shape: This Unisex robe has a belt design, which can be adjusted to make our bathrobe more fit. No matter how you turn it, you can ensure that your fluffy bathrobe is stable, comfortable and warm. Easy care: The machine washable materials make the bathrobe easy to care for, soak in a short time, machine wash in warm water, and dry at low temperature.

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