Multifunctional Pocket Usb Steamer Sprayer

Colour: white
Size: 7 (W) x 17 (L) x 7 (H) cm
R 80


Multifunctional Pocket Usb Steamer Sprayer. Large capacity: the 30 ml storage volume can be applied about 16 to 18 times, no need to add water frequently, when there is enough water, it can be applied for 20 minutes continuously, It can produce a lot of steam water, mineral water help enhance the function of this battery-powered nano steamer, and it can last all day. Operate easily: this portable mini face humidifier is easy to operate. Uses: USB charging. Nano water replenishment: it can be applied to nourish your face, body, hair, and can be applied as an eyelash extender, it is suitable for most skin types. Easy to carry: our product is small in size and easy to carry.

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