Wine Bottle Umbrella

Colour: yellow
Size: 5.3 (L) x 5.3 (W) x 31.1 (H) cm
R 104


Wine Bottle Umbrella. A briliant idea can cheer you up on those sad rainy days - and if that idea includes a wine bottle - well then, that's even better. While it doesn't contain actual wine, the umbrella's lovable design makes a perfect gift for family and friends. When not in use can be stored in a compact carrying case, no-drip mess and no wet floors, either. Features: Strap for easy carrying and storage. Waterproof bottle prevents drips from wet. Material: Pearl fabric metal framework. Product dimensions (Dia.x H): 31 x 5 cm. Package dimensions (L x W x H): 5.3 x 5.3 x 31.1 cm Gross weight: 280g

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