Push Popper Sensory Toy

Colour: multi color
Size: 6 (W) x 6 (L) cm
R 44.80


Push Popper Sensory Toy. Snapper Fidget Toy Rainbow Color Special Need Stress and anxiety reliever. Safe and Durable: Snapper fidget toy is made from PVC-free safe thermoplastic rubber, safe, tasteless and non-toxic. Push poppers is portable and can be easily put in your pocket to play with it anytime and anywhere. Hands Training: This sensory toy help strengthen the wrist, improve the flexibility of the fingers, and increases the strength of hands, and can also reduce fatigue. Relieve Stress: If your stressed or irritable, this funny suction cup toy is a perfect sensory tool. The Bright colors and pleasant sounds, can help restore your mood, stay focused and calm and help with productiveness. Size: 6 x 6 cm

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