Ultra Plush Blanket Hoodie

Colour: navy
Size: 32.99 x 31.75 x 17.91 cm
R 236.80


Ultra Plush Blanket Hoodie. Use it on your sofa, bed or couch and enjoy a read or a movie without feeling cold with our cozy plush hoodies. Made from ultra-soft fleece & lined with warming sherpa. Cover yourself from top to toe with the oversized hoodie that fits all. AIt's a hoodie & a blanket in one, this hooded blanket with sleeves is perfect for home, office, anywear you can think of. This Plush robe works great for men, women and children! It is Machine washable. It also offers a reversible wear, bringing a fun twist to hoodies with the luxury of two-sided wear. The box includes: 1 x Hoodie Ultra Plush Blanket

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