Hot Water Bottle Hand Warmer

Colour: red
Size: 30 (L) x 16.5 (W) cm
R 76.80


Hot Water Bottle Hand Warmer. Large injection port for safe water injection with no leaking. Anti-slip Texture: Grid texture surface retains heat longer, non-slip and anti-scalding, with soft fleece cover, avoid direct contact your skin to cause burns. Keep Warm: Grid texture surface, non-slip and anti-scalding. Adopts high-quality soft fleece COVER helps to insulate the hot water and prevent in direct contact from your skin to cause burns and keep warm longer. Pain Relief: Hot water bag can support hot/cold therapy, for treat sore muscles, stress, migraines, joints and menstrual cramps, also as a cold application for kids with fever or allaying swelling for minor wound.

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